Why Pre-Ordering APP Achieve Win-Win for Customers & Restaurants

Why Pre-Ordering APP Achieve Win-Win for Customers & Restaurants

What’s your favorite dining experience? What makes diner return to the same place to enjoy meal with different friends?

poet of wonderful dining

Except the delicious food and wonderful customer service, what’s else some magic things behind those popular fine dining or quick service restaurant? Let’s uncover the secret.

Besides good food, what makes restaurant popular?

In these busy times that we are all living in, there is a high consumer demand to place food orders online. People choose to pre-order food online to save time. And most of them choose to do it from their own smartphones. Using an online food pre-order system will definitely help you roll your sales. According to Business Insider, by 2020 mobile ordering will be a $38 billion industry and will account for almost 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales.

How Diner and Staff save their times at the same session.

Current Pre-Order for Dine-In allows Customer (1) to scan a Qrcode (2) Load an App into the smartphone (3) Place & save their Order and (4) A Queue Number will be generated

APP for pre-order or dine-in helps customers saving time

No matter for #Quick Serve

As fast food and minimal table service range EPOINT.POS System facilitates to see problems quickly and make decisions for un anticipated inconsistency in day to day function.

Or #Fine Dine and Chinese Restaurant

The world of Fine Dine and Chinese Restaurant industry is exceedingly instantaneous veracity. A place to meet friends, share dine and joyful experience good quality food and excellent in service.

Even in #Night spots

Offering speed and control with multiple Touch EPOINT.POS Systems combine with Wireless Ordering Hand-held installed definitely give Club management system a boost in speedy operational process as well as management control.

Total solution for F&B is necessary for digital transformation

PreOrder efficiently minimize waiting times by allowing diners to place an order, and pay for it in advance. After comparsion, restaurants can serve more customers and provide timely service for customers that are in a hurry.

The time a diner spends at restaurants with PreOrder is usually less than 30 minutes, which effectively increases table turntable rate.Restaurants use PreOrder through a mobile application could be directly integrated with POS solution.

Benefit from valuing up your streamline business

EPointSystems has established itself as a one-stop business solutions provider for POINT OF SALES Solution. Our services include solutions for Fine Dining and Chinese Restaurants, Quick Service, Clubs Concepts and Retail Merchandise.

With vast collective in-depth experience offered by the founders or the company, we are able to deliver a series of touch-screen Windows-based POS solutions for the F&B, Fast Food and Merchandising sectors.

From barcode scanning, membership service to inventory systems, We make it POSsible!!!

Contact us Now: Email us at sales@epoint.com.sg

EPOINT SYSTEMS: First choice for F&B solution provider in Southeast Asia
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