POS System x Smart Application: Accelerate Conversions through technology

POS System x Smart Application: Accelerate Conversions through technology


Things you don’t know about sale

These are things you know, but things you don’t know is:

Store location

➡ Through big data calculation, choosing location based on the flow of people

Commodity selection

➡ AI calculates the placement position, the merchant’s produce products for TA

Lines of queuing

➡ planned purchase process in order to maximize profit

Payment and checkout

➡ Collect consumers’ information, update data and store it in the database

Member management

➡ data analysis and promotion of product offers that consumer are interested in

Let smart applications be perfectly presented at all stages

The consumer profile is tracked from the passerby stage. When the passerby becomes a visitor, the interaction with the consumer can be formally recorded in the POS system. As the consumer purchase record gradually accumulates, the data obtained in the database will follow. Increased to help promote the recommendation algorithm.

When customers move from one stage to the next, it is a process of conversion. It is the goal of every store to make consumers change from passerby to member. The introduction of smart applications is precisely to help store owners use technology power to accelerate the conversion of customers at all stages.

Sales volume depends on your understanding of consumers

POS machines complete the big business for you

Every time a new POS (point of sale) is added,

more consumer information can be collected for you

While improving the database, it also deepens your grasp of consumers

Know yourself and the enemy, do you understand your consumers?

What kind of help can Partner Tech provide?

✅Cross-industry POS/Kiosk Product Selection

Partner Tech continues to introduce solutions that meet the needs of various industries. Whether it is catering, retail, restaurants, or supermarkets, there are suitable POS machines / Kiosk self-occupied checkout machines to choose from.

✅Software x Hardware x Service One-Stop Shopping

Partner Tech works with companies in the Qisda fleet to provide one-stop service, software, hardware, and after-sales service. Partner Tech can provide the most comprehensive solution to help the industry complete the POS system arrangement in the most convenient way.

✅Professional Assisted Wisdom Application Import Experience

In the past, Partner tech has assisted well-known chain retail brands to introduce the concept of smart application into the stores, with upgraded equipment and complete systems, and further towards digital transformation!

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