Self-checkout Machine x Smart Shelf – Smart Technology Store!

Self-checkout Machine x Smart Shelf – Smart Technology Store!

“Unmanned Store” is certainly no stranger to you, but what kind of futuristic tech is it that makes this cool future situation possible?

Smart-Future-Technology Store

New KIOSK System

Kiosk introduces self-checkout function for various enterprises to speed up the various processes of checkout.

The new Kiosk lift this concept to another level. The system can find the most popular product based on consumers’ buying behavior, inventory and sales management in the past, so that the industry can make good use of these data and make better Promotion plan in order to strengthen customer loyalty.

Good-looking and practical Smart shelf


In the future, there will be no more messy paper price tags on shelves or various advertising POP clips that highlight products. Instead, there will be concise merchandise display and automated advertising promotion equipment.

Smart Shelf can collect data and make further analysis, so that brands can understand the effectiveness of promotion schedules; at the same time, it also allows retail distributors to generate revenue through advertising broadcasts, which has a positive impact on both parties.


What kind of help can Partner Tech provide you?


✅Cross-industry Kiosk product selection

Partner Tech continues to introduce solutions that meet the needs of various industries. For whether in catering, retail, hotels, or supermarkets industries, there are suitable Kiosk self-checkout machines to choose from.

Experienced & Profession in assisting Smart-shelf Import

In the past, Partner Tech has assisted well-known chain retail brands to import smart shelves, upgrade the store equipment, and further move towards digital transformation!

Smart shelves can combine advertising broadcasting and human flow perception technology to collect consumer behavior data in front of shelves. To  help brand owners understand the benefits of product promotion.

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