How Headquarter and their Restaurants Dance Successful Waltz

How Headquarter and their Restaurants Dance Successful Waltz

As a store manager, have you ever found difficulties in scheduling your staffs’ shift information? And your employee sometimes complain the process is very complicated. How headquarter discovers their internal champions and becomes service-oriented headquarter to create more successful stores that achieves the whole company’s goal? From front-end POS ordering to back-end analysis, how technology facilitates the Head Quarter workflow by managing sales, inventory of food materials, and work attendance?

Excellent Branch Manager Consolidation

Adopting PDCA cycle to manage successful store managers to workable plan and gradually expand their influences to the whole groups, where TastyQube (TQ) facilitates this procedures.

PDCA cycle for influencing more stores.

Plan could be divided into three main aspects: sales, material, and employee. These data could be mastered and analyzed into dashboard view, for those managers to get insights anytime and anywhere.

Plan for Management on sales, material, and employee

In short, the system overview shows 4 key elements connected to each other by cloud service: IDC, helpdesk, headquarter, and stores. Inside stores, all necessary edge devices like POS, KDS, KIOSK could be input into cloud for headquarter analysis.

system overview

Effective staff management simply means consistently having the right employees – and enough of them – in the right positions. It’s an art to managing your restaurant staff timings, it costs restaurant owners several years to master. If you want your restaurant staff to perform at an optimum level, then you need to manage their shifts accordingly.

Busy hours of the day should be considered by reviewing pos transaction data, realizing that your restaurant staff has their personal lifes as well.All of the shift management is complete within TMQ (Time Management Qube). When there are Open Slots in shift creation, the store manager can send shift request for all of the employees. All of the shift status can be checked by Tablet or Smartphone anytime anywhere.

Staff Shift Management

Bring your own devices, where employees and store managers could concentrate on their jobs. Staffs who are well-trained and managed are better prepared to master their jobs and serve clients, which can lead to better profits, happier customers and an increase in repeat business.

Friendly Interface for both smartphone and tablet
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