HANDS Tailung

HANDS Tailung

In order to provide customers with better quality products and service experience, HANDS Tailung repositioned to create a store with an area of more than 1,000 square meter and more than 15,000 items, focusing on new retail and five senses experience. Introduce new technology, compared with other general stores of the same brand, increase revenue by 25%, and effectively increase the turnover rate.

  • Customer Challenges

New product branding: new retails model with 5 senses experience. To be in the limited budget, provide new highlights, becoming a discussion topics, also attract visitors and increase revenue

  • Needs and Goals

  1. In the area more than 1,000 square meter, and 15,000 items, it is necessary to have an exclusive interactive experience of the main product at the position closest to the cash register. The assistant store assistant cannot immediately explain the lack of product functions, and also allows customers to do compare themselves.
  2. Before entering the store, you need to have interactive guide maps, promotional activities, and special merchandise presentations, and you can check member consumption records. You can also see eye-catching signs during the journey, guiding you to the location of the cash register.
  3. Headquarters can centrally plan and manage the broadcast content, and adjust the product display and marketing activities based on the collected consumer experience data (clicking, broadcasts).

Our solutions

  • Self-service KIOSK

New information service station, can expand the design of new experiences and scripts. In addition to basic information services such as main products, member areas, area guides, and event news, the large touch screen can have many interactive functions that can be expanded, such as shooting darts, roulette games, etc., which can gather popularity at the store. The back office also has the function of data collection, distinguishing the user’s category, preference, staying time and etc.

  • 3D Floating Projection

The most eye-catching floating projection, using the fast-rotating strip LED display to play a 3D film with a transparent effect, the characteristic of visual persistence, to achieve the effect of holographic image floating in mid-air, and has a quite eye catching advertising effect in shopping malls

  • Smart Shelf

Consumers will have doubts when trying out products. In the past, they would ask a store assistants help, and later there will be video to explain the product, but there was no way to compare multiple products at the same time. This interactive experience exhibition allows consumers to directly compare eight massagers when they try it, and also to watch explanatory videos. There is no need for shop assistants help, and there is more freedom to choose without being disturbed.

  • Overall Benefit

1. Through technology, physical stores can increase interaction and trial opportunities, explore the consumer buying experience, and it can integrate with sales forecasting and inventory management to gain insight into the most popular product portfolio.

2. Initially verify the effectiveness of the purchased equipment, and later expand the functions, such as games and collection points, gather the popularity of the store, continue to communicate with customers on new online and offline mutual guidance applications, analyze the types of visitors, and give full value.

3. From the traditional business method into data analysis, identify the key behaviours to increase the number of visitors, the rate of bag collection, and the customers behaviours. Smart stores can continue to innovate and store owners can create a more refined service environment.

  • Customer’s Feedback

Currently this is still in the new opening period, the crowd has been very active, but customers have stayed longer than ordinary stores, customers also buy more massagers than other stores, and revenue increase about 25%.” “In the past, we couldn’t have so many videos to play at one time, and we often only focus on one product. Now, the shelf can play multiple products videos, no longer limited to a single product video, and every product is taken care of.” “Customers don’t have to ask the store assistance for helps about the differences of each massager, but to understand it through the video. The store assistance can also focus on other matters, which is a thoughtful design.

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