Why did 99% of merchants fail? What made the 1% success?

Why did 99% of merchants fail? What made the 1% success?


“Personalized needs, customer conversion, customer return, trend prediction”

- The success of the strategic decision lies on the information asymmetry.

【How can POS machine help you to become a 1% winner? 】

✅Take control of the consumer journey

POS machines act on consumers’ contact points throughout the shopping journey. A fully designed POS can quickly meet the diverse needs of every consumer.

All consumer behaviors are signals that show how they interact with your brand. With the data fed back to the back-end through the POS machine, you can clearly realize the real needs of consumers in different contexts throughout the shopping process.

✅Potential personal preference

The POS machine database system can analyze the behavior of each consumer group and establish a preference profile to achieve high-precision prediction.

✅Actively trigger customer return

Provide data records left by customers after consumption, through these data footprints, automatically return the database to provide merchants for further promotion and sniper marketing and bring your consumers back to various points of sale.

✅Trend insights with feasible plan

Provide executable insight reports based on the data collected by the POS machine after the sale, such as inventory forecasts and consumer preference trends to help operational decisions and reduce costs.

✅Inventory forecast and consumer preference

Inventory management, forecasting, and analyzing consumer preferences are all very complex operations. The data database behind the POS machine can provide you with inventory forecasts and consumer preferences to seize market opportunities.

✅Inventory forecast

You can know how much product inventory you need to prepare for the next season or next month.

✅Preference trend

Let you know the future trends of your consumers’ preferences and what new functions or features new products should have.

✅Future evolution

With the maturity of IOT technology and the advent of the future 5G era, the traditional point-of-sale system will evolve into a POS system centered on consumer value. Sales intelligence is used as store information analysis and decision support, such as some visual recognition outside the store or scan and collect people flow.

When entering the store, KIOSK is a variety of pre-consumer services for members or applying for members, and even other service systems for entering the store.

O2O is the future development of retail, combining online stores and retail stores. Combined with the online store and retail store management system, it helps ordinary enterprises to manage and handle daily operations easily and effectively.

What kind of help can Partner Tech provide?

✅Cross-industry POS/Kiosk Product Selection

Partner Tech continues to introduce solutions that meet the needs of various industries. Whether it is catering, retail, restaurants, or supermarkets, there are suitable POS machines / Kiosk self-occupied checkout machines to choose from.

✅Software x Hardware x Service One-Stop Shopping

Partner Tech works with companies in the Qisda fleet to provide one-stop service, software, hardware, and after-sales service. Partner Tech can provide the most comprehensive solution to help the industry complete the POS system arrangement in the most convenient way.

✅Professional Assisted Wisdom Application Import Experience

In the past, Partner tech has assisted well-known chain retail brands to introduce the concept of smart application into the stores, with upgraded equipment and complete systems, and further towards digital transformation!

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